Lihue Airfare Tips

Of course, the cheapest Lihue airfare you’re going to find is frequent flyer miles should you have those to burn. If that’s your plan, however, be advised you’ll need to make arrangements as far in advance as possible. Airlines’ frequent flyer seats – especially for flights headed to Kauai or any of the Hawaiian Islands – are very limited and go fast.

Typically, you can book frequent flyer seats 11 months in advance of the date you plan to travel home after visiting Kauai (you’ll want to review details directly with the airline you plan to use, of course), and that’s the sort of head start you’ll need to succeed at using frequent flyer miles to cover your Lihue airfare. This is especially true if you want to travel during summer months or the Christmas-New Year holiday period. Even for travel to Hawaii during other times of the year, though, planning a frequent flyer mile exchange in advance is always your best bet.

If you’re not planning to use frequent flyer miles to cover your Lihue airfare, there are a few other tips to be aware of if you want to keep costs down. First, airfare to the Hawaiian Islands tends to increase in May (usually just before Memorial Day) and then decrease around mid-September (historically around the 10th of the month). If you’re planning a fall visit to Kauai, try to hold off until then to book your flights. Fares will usually stay down for flights through December 15th, but that’s when holiday rates kick in and fares will increase.

The Hawaiian Islands are one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations and because they are so remote, airlines must keep flights full in order to remain profitable. Last-minute deals, while not unheard of, are rare, and you probably won’t see a lot of vacant seats on the flight to Kauai. Should you have trouble finding a suitable Lihue airfare, feel free to contact us by email and we’ll be happy to share any new information we may have found.

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